Joseph Combs |

Postdoctoral Fellow 2018-2020

Current: Project Manager at Jackson Labs

Giulia Ambrosini |

Visiting PhD Student 2020

Current: Finishing PhD at U of Verona

Cody Elkins |

Research Associate I 2018-2019

Current: Research Associate U of Emory

Andrea Mockabee-Macias |

Research Voluneteer 2019-2020

Current: Research Associate in the Lau Lab (Moffitt)

Tyce Flynn |

Research Volunteer 2019-2020

Sae Bom Lee |

Research Volunteer 2017-2018

Current: PhD Student in the Davila Lab (Moffitt)

Brianna Sellers M.S. |

MS Student 2017-2018

Seth Ingram |

Summer intern 2016

Current: Medical Student, Nova Southeastern University

Other Lab Alumni

Sara Tran - Lab manager - currently in Laboratory Operations (Moffitt)

Grace Ward - Rotation Student - currently PhD student in Alan List lab