Cancer Biology & Evolution Symposium | Oct 2019

Joint Mann Labs Farewell Luncheon for Tiffany at Ūlëlē | Jul 2019


Moffitt Scientific Symposium | May 2019

2019 Moffitt Symposium Poster Session

Ana discussing her research

Ana's poster on melanoma therapy resistance models

Aziz presents his research on skin SCC

Molecular Oncology Departmental Retreat @ ZooTampa at Lowry Park | Feb 2019

See more highlights from the Retreat

Ana delivers her 3 sentence research synopsis

Amanda delivers her 3 sentence research synopsis

Aziz discussing his research

Congrats to Aziz and the other poster award winners!


Joint Mann Labs Farewell Lunch for Justin at On Swann | Aug 2018


Cancer Biology & Evolution Symposium | Jun 2018

Love the shirts and team spirit!


Moffitt Scientific Symposium | May 2018


Molecular Oncology Departmental Retreat @ Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club | Feb 2018

Justin presents a talk on Integrative analysis of SB-driven cancer models

Aziz presents a poster on CEP350 in melanoma

The Lab enjoying a beautiful Spring day in Tampa