Welcome to the Language and Intelligence Laboratory (LAILab)

The Language and Intelligence Laboratory (LAILab) at the Machine Learning Department at Moffitt is a multidisciplinary research group that translates advances in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to solve low-resourced language understanding, language generation, and predictive medicine tasks in oncology and healthcare informatics. Our work involves 1) identification and standardization of functional status information in clinical notes of adult and senior cancer patients; 2) information extraction and knowledge graph construction from clinical notes to assist cancer reristry and evidence-based predictive modeling; 3) linking aging, comorbidities, and drugs to prostate cancer relapse and survival; 4) predicting unplanned hospital readmission in the adult patients with gastrointestinal cancers initiating surgery; and other interdisciplinary projects as we expand our internal and external collobation networks. To accomplish multidimensional and multidisciplinary goals, we transfer and customize cutting edge methodologies in NLP and ML such as large language modeling, in-context inference, data augmentation, domain adaptation, etc. Our daily activities includes ultilization of fore-front deep neural network ecosystem and architectures on our Nvidia DGX server.