12th AACR conference 2019

Poster presented by Jessica McIntyre at the 12th AACR Conference on the Science of Cancer Health Disparities

2019 ACS Research Scholars Grant


Rolling Pin 2019


Team building activity (cooking) at the Rolling Pin in Brandon, FL


ASPO Conference 2019

American Society of Preventive Oncology (ASPO) 2019 annual meeting in Tampa, Florida

(left to right) Monica Kasting, Paige Lake, Susan Vadaparampil, and Claire Conley


Wanderlust 2018

(left to right) Claire Conley, Laura Moreno, Jennifer Garcia, Meghan Bowman-Curci, Paige Lake, Bianca Augusto




CRISP Team Photo 2018

(top left to right) Michele Griffin, Susan Vadaparampil, Bianca Augusto

(bottom left to right) Laura Moreno, Meghan Bowman-Curci, Jennifer Garcia

Moffitt's Annual Research Town Hall followed by

Holiday Reception 2018 & 2017



2018 2017



Awkward Christmas Sweaters 2017

(top left to right) Paige Lake, Monica Kasting, Bianca Augusto

(bottom left to right) Laura Moreno, Jennifer Garcia