Current Grants

Medical Imaging and Data Consortium: Rapid Response to COVID-19 Pandemic NIBIB/NIH

Contact PI: Giger, Subcontract: El Naqa, Co-PI

09/2020-08/2022. $178,242 ($54,111)


5 R01 EB022075-08: Imaging and Dosimetry of Yttrium-90 for Personalized Cancer Treatment NIH-DHHS-US- 20-


Co-I with Effort (Principal Investigator: Yuni Kamalika Dewaraja)

07/2020-04/2024. $2,698,214 ($670,584)


R01CA233487-01: Optimal Decision Making in Radiotherapy Using Panomics Analytics NIH

El Naqa, Issam, PI

06/2019-05/2024. $2,256,535 ($451,307)


R37CA222215-01A1: Combined radiation acoustics and ultrasound imaging for real-time guidance in radiotherapy


El Naqa, Issam, PI

09/2018-07/2023. $2,430,202 ($615,194)

Submitted Grants

Federated Learning for Optimal Decision Making in Radiotherapy Using Panomics Analytics (Supplement) NIH

El Naqa, PI

10/2021-10/2023. $301,232 ($100,000)


Towards Clinically Safe FLASH-RT Delivery using Radiation Acoustics NIH

El Naqa (Moffitt), Wang (Michigan), Bortfeld (Harvard), PI

04/2021-03/2026. $3,965,461 ($499,977)

Past Grants

Characterization of Radioacoustics for Radiotherapy Targeting MCUBE

Martha Matsuzak, Issam El Naqa, Sara Pozzi, Co-PI

09/2018-12/2020. $60,000 ($30,000)


RR1843: Combining Genomic and Clinical/Dosimetric Variables to Predict Radiation Toxicity in Localized Prostate Cancer Patients Via Computational Genomics and Machine Learning RSNA Research Resident Grant

Co-I without Effort (Principal Investigator: John Kang)

07/2018-06/2019. $30,000 ($30,000)


G017459: Can Listening to Radiotherapy Improve Real-time Targeting? Stuart and Barbara Padnos Research Fund

/Cancer Center

I. El Naqa, PI

12/2015-11/2016. $50,000 ($50,000)


Startup Fund UM

I. El Naqa, PI

05/2015-04/2018. $600,000 ($200,000)


MOP-324855: Hybrid Imaging for Radiotherapy CIHR

I El Naqa, PI

07/2014-06/2018. $394,720 ($98,680)



Co-I with Effort (Principal Investigator: Randall K Ten Haken)

05/2014-04/2019. $13,731,090 ($2,723,793)


Système intégré de macro et micro-imageries pulmonaires avec rehaussement intelligent en temps-réel in vivo dans le diagnostic et le monitorage de l'inflammation et de la réparation du SDRA RBIQ

Co-I (Principal Investigator: O. Lesur)

05/2014-05/2015. $50,000 ($50,000)


Nanoparticle-aided radiation therapy with scintillating high Z materials CIHR

Co-I (Principal Investigator: J. Nadeau)

04/2014-03/2017. $475,800 ($158,600)


CREATE-298191: Medical Physics Research Training Network (MPRTN) NSERC

Co-I (Principal Investigator: J. Seuntjens)

06/2013-05/2019. $1,650,000 ($275,000)


Computational and Systems Radiobiology Infrastructure for Biomarker Discovery and Radiosignalling Modeling of Radiation-induced Normal Tissue Toxicities in Cancer Patients Canada Foundation for Innovation

I. El Naqa, PI

07/2012-06/2013. $291,910 ($97,303)


Nanosensors for Realtime Imaging in Radiotherapy (discovery grant) McGill Collaborative Research and Development Fund

I. El Naqa, PI

07/2012-06/2013. $15,000 ($15,000)


MOP-114910: Modelling of radiotherapy Induced Damage in Locally Advanced Lung Cancer by a Novel System Radiobiology Approach Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

I El Naqa, PI

07/2011-06/2016. $675,000 ($135,000)


A real-time framework for image-guided adaptive radiotherapy Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

I. El Naqa, PI

04/2011-05/2015. $399,000 ($57,000)


Startup Fund McGill University startup fund

I. El Naqa, PI

06/2010-05/2013. $225,000 ($75)


Start Fund Fast Foundation and MUHC

I. El Naqa, PI

06/2010-05/2013. $150,000 ($50,000)


Intra-Tumoral Metabolic Heterogeneity of Cervical Cancer NIH

Co-I (Principal Investigator: Perry Grigsby)

12/2008-06/2010. $1,250,000 ($250,000)


FLT-PET as a Biomarker of Radiotherapy Response in Lung Cancer Barnes Jewish Foundation

I. El Naqa, PI

07/2008-06/2010. $200,000 ($100,000)


K25CA128809: Predicting Radiotherapy Outcomes by Combining Physical and Biological Factors NIH

I. El Naqa, PI

04/2008-06/2010. $480,000 ($120,000)


RO1CA116712: Positron Emission Tomography for Radiation Therapy NIH

Co-I (Principal Investigator: Daniel Low)

08/2007-06/2010. $1,250,000 ($250,000)


IRG-58-010-50: Concurrent Multimodality Image Analysis for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning American Cancer Society

I. El Naqa, PI

11/2006-10/2007. $20,000 ($20,000)


R01 HL074019: Quantification of Regional Myocardial Oxygenation by MRI NIH

Co-I (Principal Investigator: Jie Zheng)

04/2005-03/2009. $1,250,000 ($250,000)


R01 EB00475901: MRI-Based Computational Modeling for Carotid Plaque Rupture and Stroke NIH

Co-I (Principal Investigator: Woodward/Tang)

09/2004-08/2009. $1,250,000 ($250,000)