Karen Brandon, Ph.D. Dr. Brandon is excited to be your group facilitator over the next 8 weeks. Her background is in clinical psychology, and she has helped people change behaviors like smoking and alcohol use for 20+ years. She looks forward to meeting with you each week as you progress towards your quit smoking and alcohol modification goals!


Mikaela Hemenway, B.A., B.S. Ms. Hemenway is the research coordinator for Project Rise. You will be meeting with her for most of the assessments you complete during this study. She will also assist you with any technical issues that arise during group sessions. She looks forward to supporting your participation in this study! As a reminder, you can reach her during typical business hours at 813-745-4078.


Christine Vinci, Ph.D.. Dr. Vinci is the principal investigator for Project Rise. She is thrilled to have you as part of this study and is hopeful that you will meet your goals! It is unlikely that you will interact much with Dr. Vinci, but she may help out along the way if needed.