David Basanta, PhD (Lond)

Associate Professor
Office: SRB 4-W 24000F
Email: david.basanta at Moffitt.org
Twitter: @dbasanta
Website: basanta.org.es
Expertise: game theory, agent based modelling, talking fast and making little sense

Anna Miller, PhD (Utah)

Postdoctoral scientist
Office: SRB 4
Email: anna.miller at Moffitt.org
Twitter: @annakmil
Expertise: HPV, Myeloma, Swimming

Jack Edwards

SPARK student and physics student at USF
Habitat: SRB-4
Email: jack.edwards at Moffitt.org
Expertise: agent-based models, python

Ranjini Bhattacharya

Khorana fellow and student at Shiv Nadar University
Habitat: SRB 4
Email: ranjini . one at gmail . com
Expertise: EGT models, in vitro work, senescence


Former members

Arturo Araujo, PhD (Lond)

Scientist at BrainTree
Twitter: @autumndude
Web: arturoaraujo.com
Expertise: agent based modelling, talking to biologists, bow ties and hats, drawing

Etienne Baratchart, PhD (Bordeaux)

Postdoctoral scientist
Office: SRB 3
Email: etienne.baratchart at Moffitt.org
Twitter: @MathBioEB
Website: mathbiobaratchart.wordpress.com
Expertise: cancer and micro environmental modeling,macrophages, IPAs

Artem Kaznatcheev

Doctoral student (with Pete Jevons, Oxford and Jacob Scott, Cleveland Clinic)
Google+: ArtemKaznatcheev
Twitter: @kaznatcheev
Website: egtheory.wordpress.com
Expertise: Game Theory, Philosophy of science, blogging

Ziv Frankenstein, PhD (Weizmann Institute)

Postdoctoral fellow, Salk Institute
Expertise: agent based modeling, bioinformatics, data visualization, talking slower than David but making just as much sense

Jake Taylor-King

Doctoral student (with Jon Chapman, Oxford)
Twitter: @jptaylorking
Web: http://jptk.tech/
Expertise: networks, swarming, purple, green

Niccolò Totis, MD (Bologna)

Visiting doctoral student
Twitter: @nicctotis
Expertise: ODE models, metabolism, not coffee

Pranav (Raj) Warman

HIP-IMO student (Academy at the Lakes)
Currently: Duke University
Expertise: Game Theory, bone cancer, talking fast but making some sense

Priya Kavia

HIP-IMO summer student (Steinbrenner High)
Expertise: Adaptive therapies, bone cancer, agent-based modeling

Tiffany Nguyen

HIP-IMO summer student
Expertise: game theory