Margaret M. Byrne, PhD

Principle Investigator

My main research interests focus on how to help individuals make the best decision for themselves in situations where there is no one right answer. Specific areas that I’ve done the most work in include participation in cancer clinical trials and lung cancer screening. In addition, I collaborate extensively on cost assessment/cost effectiveness research that crosses many different health care areas. Outside of work, my favorite activities include skydiving; being outside, especially on the water; reading work and non-work-related books; and spending time with my friends of both the human and feathered variety.

Maija Reblin, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Larner School of Medicine, University of Vermont
Co-Program Leader, Cancer Population Science, University of Vermont Cancer Center

Maija Reblin, PhD is a social and health psychologist who studies the social context of cancer family caregivers. This includes a focus on interpersonal communication between caregivers, patients, and their health care providers, as well as identifying the importance of relationships and social support in the cancer caregiving experience. Dr. Reblin has received extramural funding from the American Cancer Society and the National Institutes of Health to support her research.

Sophia Diaz-Carraway

Research Coordinator

I received my BA in Anthropology from the University of South Florida.  I work with Dr. Byrne and Dr. Reblin's team on the CARING: Caregiver Assistance through Resources, Information, and Navigation Guide in Neuro-Oncology study. I hope to make a positive impact on quality of life and health outcomes.

Ryan H. Hagen, MS

Research Coordinator

I joined Moffitt Cancer Center in August 2022. I am a research coordinator focused on non-therapeutic research with the CARING and STRONG studies. I have a Bachelor of Arts in General Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science, and a Masters Degree in Pre-Professional Healthcare Sciences from the University of South Florida. My undergraduate thesis centered on the Comparative Economic analysis of LASIK eye Surgery between the United States and Colombia. I speak Spanish and am motivated by the opportunities to reduce the health outcomes disparities in the United States healthcare system. I am a very big proponent of exposure to other cultures as a way to bring new prospective and understanding. I will always advocate for travel, even if just in your backyard!

Deanna Witte, MSMS

Lead Research Coordinator

I began my research career at Moffitt Cancer Center in the neuro-oncology clinic in August 2022 as a Research Coordinator with the Caregiver Assistance through Resources, Information, and Navigation Guide in Neuro-Oncology (CARING) and Total Cancer Care (TCC) studies following an extensive career in clinical medicine. I earned my Bachelor of Music in 2016 at Wheaton College and my Master of Science in Medical Sciences at the University of South Florida in 2019. Moffitt has nurtured wonderful growth in my professional development. I now serve as Team Lead Research Coordinator for the CARING and neuro TCC studies, aiding in study management, organization and coordination of protocol activities, and team member mentorship.

Omarianna Rountree

Caregiver Navigator

I serve as a caregiver navigator on the CARING study in the Neuro-Oncology clinic. I collaborate with caregivers to assess their support needs and provide useful resources while adhering to research protocols. My journey at Moffitt Cancer Center began in November of 2022, after earning my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences at the University of South Florida in 2020.  Outside of work I love to practice yoga and meditation, as well as traveling and spending time with loved ones.   

Kerie Walters, LCSW

Caregiver Navigator

In 2019, I joined Moffitt Cancer Center, and was welcomed warmly into the CaRe Lab. In 2021, I became an alumni of Capella University earning a Masters in Social Work.  Within the CARING project, I hold the position of a Caregiver Navigator, which offers me numerous opportunities to collaborate with caregivers. My aim is to make a positive impact on the lives of our participants by helping caregivers recognize their unique strengths, facilitating meaningful conversations about their caregiving experiences, and providing education on informal and formal social supports. Equally important is my commitment to ensuring my own well-being. I engage in various self-care activities, such as traveling, reading, exercising, and cherishing precious moments with my children. Through these endeavors, I strive to maintain a professional and balanced approach to my work while also nurturing my own personal growth.

Hannah Alex


I joined the CARING team during the summer of 2022. I am a student intern working with Dr. Byrne and Dr. Reblin. My focus involves analyzing data collected during the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope to study the variety of different psychological, physical, and financial impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on caregivers. Some of my other research interests include examining disparities in health outcomes within the healthcare system. I am also a student at USF, and I'm majoring in biomedical sciences. Outside of school and work, I love travelling, baking, and going on long bike rides!

Arthur Zimmer


I joined Moffitt and the CARING team this fall of 2023. I graduated from the University of Florida in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and am currently completing my Master's in Public Health with a focus on epidemiology, also at the University of Florida. My role as an intern involves aiding with data processing along with helping Dr. Byrne with other projects that the lab may bring.

Lab Alumni 

  • Veronica Barrios-Monroy: Research Coordinator (2018-2021); Research Project Specialist (2021-2022); Current position: Supervisor, Non-Therapeutic Research Office (NTRO), Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa FL
  • Heraldo D’Almeida: Research Project Manager (2019-2021); Current position: Manager of Division Research Operations, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa FL
  • Dana Ketcher: Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-2021); Current position: Senior Researcher at the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth, Memory Keepers Medical Discovery Team
  • Amy Otto: Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2020); Current position: Senior Researcher at the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth, Memory Keepers Medical Discovery Team
  • Laura Rodriguez: Caregiver Navigator (2019-2022)
  • Rachael Stickler: Research Coordinator (2019-2022); Current position: Senior Clinical Research Coordinator, University of Kansas Cancer Center