Diversity is a priority at Moffitt and is meant “to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion as we contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.” Moffitt Diversity focuses its efforts on eliminating those obstacles to an individual’s ability to exist within their personal comfort zone at the Cancer Center. Everyone is important to meeting this priority. Addressing and responding to diversity and inclusion fosters an environment where mutual respect for diverse cultures, communication styles, languages, customs, beliefs, values, traditions, experiences and other ways in which we identify ourselves, is the expectation.

Moffitt Diversity employs two key strategies to meet the goal of increasing access to care:

  1. Enhance Moffitt’s image among underserved communities as an organization delivering cultural and linguistically competent care through prevention education and mutually beneficial partnerships
  2. Serve as a resource, as well as, to identify opportunities to increase Moffitt’s preparedness when serving diverse communities




 For more information about Moffitt Diversity, please visit: https://moffitt.org/about-moffitt/diversity/