The Kanetsky Research Team

We strive to identify factors important to the development, progression, and treatment of melanoma and testicular germ cell tumors and to translate findings to inform clinical and public health practice.

Research Spotlight

“Predictors of genetic risk recall among participants of a randomized controlled precision prevention trial against melanoma” in press for publication in Genetics in Medicine.


In our precision prevention trial to improve prevention against melanoma, participants assigned to receive genetic testing results were asked to recall their results after 6 and 12 months. We found that people at higher risk were two to three times more likely to forget or misremember their genetic testing results than participants at average risk. We explored what factors at baseline predicted their recall, and found that older age, lower health numeracy, lower education, lower perceived risk, and not completing the telephone follow-up were associated with higher likelihood of forgetting or misremembering genetic testing results. Participants who correctly recalled their results were more likely to adopt sun protection behaviors than those who forgot or misremembered. Future studies should examine additional strategies to convey results, including reinforcement, to increase recall and thus enhance adoption of preventive behaviors.

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