Postdoctoral posting available here and under Opportunities. Reach out if you are interested in applying for postdoctoral researcher position or fellowships and looking for the host.

Also if interested in PhD program in Cancer Biology under Dr. Karolak mentorship at Moffitt.

Undergraduate student - reach out if interested in internships.


Follow us on Twitter: @amkarolak (our group) and @ml4onco (ML Department).


Invitations to publish:

- Publish in Frontiers in GeneticsWe would like to invite you (or your colleague that you think might be interested) to contribute a review paper to the new Research Topic that we believe will be useful to the broad computational systems biology community: "Reviews in Computational Systems Biology Methodology - Building Different Types of Biological Networks" edited by Dr. Andrei Rodin and Dr. Sergio Branciamore from City of Hope, and Dr. Karolak. 

- Submissions to our special issue in Frontiers in Pharmacology are now closed.


Spring 2024:

Happy New Year!

The Society for Science announces that Meghna Manjith has been named a top 300 Scholar in the 83rd Regeneron Science Talent Search —the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and mathematics competition for high school seniors.

Congratulations to Meghna! Well done and deserved!


Fall 2023:

In December, we welcome Meghna Manjith and Rohit Veligeti!

Group outing to NASA/KSC and the Thanksgiving brunch (with current and future) lab members:



We present our work on AI for pharmacophore modeling and Heterogeneous colorectal cancer at the Quantitative Science Division 2nd Annual Oktoberfest at Moffitt:

Trieu Nguyen, Mourad Stitou, Denis J. Imbody,  Eric B. Haura, and Aleksandra Karolak on: "AI-enabled Pharmacophore-Guided Drug Design: A Novel Approach for Targeting Double KRAS G12C/Y96C Mutation"

Adam Wojtulewski, Yoga Balagurunathan, Daniel A. Anaya, and Aleksandra Karolak on: "The Heterogeneity in Survival among Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer".




We welcome two new members: Triệu Nguyễn and Dr. Mourad Stitou to our Molecular AI team. Happy to have you!


We present and discuss our work on IPMNs at the AACR Special Conference on Pancreatic Cancer in Boston. 

We present our work on AI in peritoneal carcinomatosis at the Moffitt GI PM Retreat


Summer 2023:

We present and discuss our work at Epigenetics and Genetics in Cancer Gordon Research Conference in Italy and at the Screening and Proteomics Initiative for Novel Targets and Drugs Platform (SPRINTD) at the Molecular Medicine Program at Moffitt. 


Archi Marrapu and Adam Wojtulewski join us for the summer internship. Welcome Adam and Archi! (here with Sara after Summer Interns research presentations)


Spring 2023:

Work done by Matthew Froid in dr. Basanta's and our lab was presented at the March edition of EMERGE ML research in progress meetings. The abstract was accepted to the poster presentation at Moffitt Symposium in May. Well done Matthew!


Sara Del Valle joins our team. She is the youngest team member, taking HCC courses while at high school. Also already accepted to the undergraduate program in three universities. Welcome Sara!


Matthew Froid joins our team for 10 weeks long rotations. He is a PhD Candidate in the Cancer Biology Program at Moffitt in Dr. David Basanta team at IMO. Welcome Matthew!


Fall 2022:

Nam Nguyen proposed a project and led the team on the The eXplainable Quantum-Classical AI-based (XQC-AI) tool for clinical decision support  during the Bio-Data Club’s 4th Annual Hackathon at Moffitt. His work was recognized and received the third place! :)

Congratulations Nam, well done!


Our ML Department together with Dr. David Basanta and the IMO Department at Moffitt hosted Dr. Russ Rockne. Russ is the Associate Professor in the Department of Computational and Quantitative Medicine and Director of the Division of Mathematical Oncology at City of Hope Cancer Center in Duarte, CA. See Twitter for the snapshots of his talk and visit. 


We were busy presenting Nam's work at the conferences. See Twitter posts for pictures and details. 

Talk & Poster:

N.Nguyen, J.Fleming, P.McDonald, KC.Chen, A.Karolak Intelligent Personalized Risk Prediction for Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms of Pancreas

  • The Gillies Machine Learning in Image Analytics Workshop, Clearwater, FL (11/2022)
  • International Society for Computational Biology RSGDREAM Meeting, Las Vegas, NV (11/2022)
  • American Pancreas Association Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL (11/2022)
  • Oktoberfest Scientific Celebration, Moffitt Cancer Center (10/2022)


N.Nguyen, A.Karolak, KC.Chen Advancing Modeling and Biomedicine using Quantum Machine Intelligence

  • International Society for Computational Biology RSGDREAM Meeting, Las Vegas, NV (11/2022)
  • Oktoberfest Scientific Celebration, Moffitt Cancer Center (10/2022)


Bi Zhao, Applied Research Scientist in our lab, moved to the independent position at USF Health. We wish you many successes and good work environment!


Summer 2022:

Anne Greene, a former volunteer in our group and a recent USF graduate with Master of Science in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology is now a Data Analyst in the GIO department at Moffitt in the lab of Dr. Jenny Permuth.

Congrats Anna!


Katherine Rodriguez, our former group member and a recent graduate of the University of South Florida (Bachelor's of Science in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in Aging Sciences), is now a research technician in the Bhat Laboratory for the Morsani College of Medicine, USF

Congrats Katherine on your new adventure!


Aleks presented 'A Framework for Mutational Signature Analysis Based on DNA Shape Parameters' at the 2022 Computational Chemistry Gordon Research Conference on Multiscale Modeling of Complex Systems including AI and ML applications for Drug Design in Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain.


We welcome two new members: Dr. Bi Zhao and PhD Candidate Nam Nguyen!

Bi earned her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from USF and her postdoctoral training took place at the Virginia Commonwealth. Her experience is in data science, machine learning, and protein structural and functional research. 

Nam is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering at USF graduating in 2023. He has experience in algorithmic designs for classical and quantum AI applied to cancer research. 


Aleks presented at the ODSi-Moffitt seminars and GI Pancreas Working Group at Moffitt on the ‘Machine learning and computational modeling for cancer research’.


Spring 2022:

With Anna and Katherine graduating this month, we are looking forward to having Dr. Bi Zhao joining us in June and Nam Nguyen in July. 


Happy to announce we have received the Quantitative Science Team Award on RNA splicing in collaboration with dr. Timothy Shaw and dr. Paul Stewart at Moffitt. Reach out if you you are interested in working on Data Integration and Biomarker Discovery. 


Anna Greene pursuing MSc in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at USF joined our team as a student volunteer. Happy to have you Anna! 


Katherine Rodriguez pursuing BS in Biomedical Sciences joined our team. Welcome Katherine!