The Karreth lab always seeks to add highly motivated and independent postdocs with a proven track record of scientific excellence to our team. We are using innovative mouse modeling approaches and a variety of molecular biology techniques to investigate the interaction of non-coding RNAs and oncogenic signaling in melanoma and other cancers. 

Applicants with a PhD and/or MD degree in a relevant field such as Genetics, Cancer Biology, or Biochemistry are encouraged to apply. Experience in mouse modeling, non-coding RNA biology, and/or cell signaling is desired but not essential. Interested individuals should send their curriculum vitae along with the contact information for three references and a cover letter describing their interests and past research to Florian Karreth (


Students in the University of South Florida Cancer Biology program interested in lab rotations in the Karreth lab should contact Florian Karreth. Undergraduate students, visiting students, summer students, and high school students interested in training in the Karreth lab should email a short description of their interests to