Creation of Pentecost Family Myeloma Research Center at Moffitt

Drs. Baz, Silva and Shain are honored to be part of this enterprise




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Mathematical Program Can Dictate Multiple Myeloma Therapy





2021 Moffitt Symposium

Dynamic Epigenetic Landscapes are Associated with Multiple Myeloma Progression and Resistance

 (Poster) (Pre-print)

2021 Moffitt Symposium

A Multiomic Approach to Mathematical Modeling of Gene Regulatory Networks in Multiple Myeloma






   MM is a type o cancer that forms derived from plasma cells, found in the bone marrow, and these affected cells start producing abnormal proteins rather than helpful antibodies.

  Complications in the body are due to its uncontrolled cell proliferation, however not always treatment is required when MM has a slow growth. When treatment is required most patients rely on their doctors’ expertise to choose the right course of treatment.

   Not all patients have predictable responses to treatment and when personalized approach is used doctors can select the right time and the right course of regimen individually rather than a broad approach.