WE ARE RECRUITING! The lab is actively looking for new lab members for the positions listed below.

The lab is committed to diversity and inclusion and we encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.

Postdoctoral Researchers

We are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher interested in using novel single cell multi-omics techniques to study leptomeningeal metastasis of triple-negative breast cancer.

Project Description: The leptomeninges and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) are uniquely immunosuppressive and are emerging as a more frequent, common site of triple-negative breast cancer progression. While significant strides have been made in the treatment of extra-cranial metastases, tragically, no current therapies are effective at altering the natural history of leptomeningeal metastasis (LM) from solid tumors, with the mean survival remaining at only 6-8 weeks, even with treatment. Using state-of-the-art single-cell technologies and innovative in vitro and in vivo models of LM, we aim to define the main metabolic adaptations in breast cancer cells that mediate the immune-suppressive and pro-tumorigenic program in LM microenvironment and identify the ideal axis for therapeutic intervention. This work will lay the groundwork for the development of clinically transformative therapeutic approaches for LM in triple- negative breast cancer patients.

The successful candidate will interact with a team of cancer biologists, immunologists, mathematical modeling experts, computational biologists, and clinicians at Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, FL) to conduct research in a highly collaborative environment. Ideal candidates would have demonstrated expertise in signal transduction, metabolism, drug resistance, metastasis or single-cell analysis studies.

Position highlights
  • Studying the unique biology of tumors metastatic to the leptomeninges, including the development of unique in vitro and in vivo models of disease
  • Improving our understanding of metabolic interactions between the tumor and the immune microenvironment
  • Developing cutting edge techniques for single-cell multi-omics
  • In addition to the research, the position will have a focus on career development including grant writing, scientific writing/presentation, mentorship of junior members of the lab, networking, and building collaborations.  
  • Mentorship by an NCI-funded investigator in a collaborative, translational environment bridging the bench and bedside.
  • Interactions and collaborations with other fellows working in the area of cancer biology, machine learning, and bioinformatics.
  • Working with patient specimens (acquisition, processing, preparation for analysis, biochemical screening), establishing and maintaining tumor cell cultures, cellular signaling and phenotypic assays, establishing in vitro and in vivomodels, metabolic assays, and proteomic analysis.
  • Providing intellectual input on steering the project
  • Developing novel technical approaches
  • Mentoring graduate students and technicians
  • Composing manuscripts and postdoctoral fellowships, assisting with grant applications
Credentials and qualifications
  • PhD in Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology, or a related field (required)
  • Strong written and oral communication skills and the ability to work independently and with collaborators.
How to apply

Candidates should e-mail the following documents to inna.smalley@moffitt.org:

1) A cover letter that describes their motivation to pursue this position, why they would be the perfect fit for these projects and summarizes past research accomplishments. They should also include a summary of what expectations/goals they have for this fellowship.

2) A current CV with recent publications and contact information


Graduate Students (from USF and Moffitt Cancer Biology programs)

We are actively looking for graduate students who are interested in exploring the role of tumor heterogeneity and the tumor microenvironment in CNS metastasis and drug resistance. We have projects focused on CNS metastasis in melanoma, but also two areas of research exploring leptomeningeal metastasis of breast cancer and lymphoma.   

Position Highlights
  • Study the biology of CNS metastasis (including leptomeningeal metastasis)
  • Learn to establish in vitro and in vivo models of CNS metastasis
  • Learning cutting edge techniques for integrated single cell and spatial RNAseq and metabolomics
  • In addition to the research, the position will have a focus on appropriate career development for this career stage including scholarship/fellowship writing, scientific writing/presentation, and networking. 

Join us for a rotation to learn more about our projects and to explore how your research and career development interests will flourish in our lab.

Candidates should e-mail the following to inna.smalley@moffitt.org

  • A short email that describes their motivation to pursue a rotation in our lab
  • A current CV

About Moffitt Cancer Center

Moffitt Cancer Center (Moffitt) is a free-standing NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center and 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation located in Tampa, Florida. Moffitt opened in 1986 and is named in honor of H. Lee Moffitt, former Speaker of the House of Representatives of the State of Florida, who spearheaded the effort to create a cancer center whose sole mission is to “contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.”

Research at Moffitt emphasizes the translation of basic and population science into improved diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic advances. Research program activities include both physicians and scientists who, collectively, comprise over 150 faculty and are focused into five distinct, but complementary, programs: Cancer Biology & Evolution; Immunology; Chemical Biology & Molecular Medicine; Cancer Epidemiology; and Health Outcomes & Behavior. Supporting these programs are 13 shared resources including, but not limited to, molecular sequencing, flow cytometry, analytic microscopy, molecular genomics, biostatistics, cancer informatics, proteomics, and chemical biology.

About Tampa, Florida

Tampa was recently named an “urban gem” and the “Best City in the Southeast” by Money magazine. It has been among the fastest growing cities in the US. Aside from the sunshine, beaches, and year- round outdoor recreation associated with the Gulf Coast of Florida, Tampa is a thriving metropolitan city with unique cultural attractions, low cost of living, and a high quality of life. We have four professional sports teams, and the beaches are less than an hour away. https://www.visittampabay.com/