The Schönbrunn laboratory is a team composed of 6 international members with each possessing specialized skills in a large range of methodologies that cover molecular biology, protein purification, biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, and molecular modeling.


Team picture

From left to right and front to back:

Dr. Alice Chan France, Nuzahra Iqbal (former) Bangladesh, Dr. Ernst Schonbrunn Germany, Reza Karim Bangladesh, Donnay Kassel (former) Jamaica, Melissa Bikowitz USA, Kevin Gates (former) USA, Dr. Norbert Berndt (former) Germany, Dylan Grassie USA, Dr. David Mikles (former) USA

Not Pictured:

Dr. Luxin (Lucy) Sun China, Robert Miner USA

Former members

Previous Group Pictures

Job opportunities

At this moment there are no job opportunities. Please contact Dr Schnbrunn for any information.